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Classic Grilled Sandwich

Butter Chicken ₹80.00

Soft chicken pieces slathered in buttered Indian masalas stuffed to make butter chicken sandwich.


Butter Paneer ₹75.00

Soft pieces of fresh paneer diced and sautéed in Indian masalas and slathered in butter, then stuffed into slices of bread to make butter paneer sandwich.


Chicken Tikka ₹85.00

A classic duet between succulent grilled chicken and a medley of vegetables captured in the arena of two oven fresh slices


Paneer Tikka ₹75.00

The artistry of marinated cottage cheese, grilled and amalgamated with a slurry of vegetables slathered with south west sauce and imprisoned between two slices of shangrila


Peri Peri Chicken ₹90.00

Periperi sauce, one of the best additions to our already tasty chicken sandwiches makes that taste linger in your taste buds for a long time.


Peri Peri Paneer ₹85.00

Periperipaneer is the portuguese sauce used on grilled cottage cheese squeezed by finely toasted fresh bread slices that makes for a great tasting snack if you’re in the mood for one.


Smoked Chicken ₹85.00

Tender chicken smoked into carefully carved strips, mounted on a bed of garden fresh vegetables, drenched in the mystique of south west sauce and boxed in by two slices of classic bread


Veg & Cheese ₹70.00

The marriage of just born vegetables and classic cheese, sandwiched and grilled between two wedges of heaven.


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